Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith Owner

Meet Jeff Smith, the founder, owner, and CEO of three8DIGITAL, a company dedicated to skyrocketing your organization’s online presence and ensuring your mission shines brightly. 

It wasn’t just the allure of marketing and advertising that shaped Jeff’s journey. His profound stint in the nonprofit realm crafted his unrivaled expertise in communications, where he honed the delicate craft of resonating with both hearts and minds. Fueled by a passion for both creative work and the nonprofit sector, Jeff created three8DIGITAL, bringing his diverse skill set and multifaceted expertise.

Jeff combines his creative mindset with a deep understanding of effective communication, feedback analysis, and data-driven decision-making. Harnessing his MBA in Strategy, Jeff has authored two practical e-books: “Unlocking the Power of Targeted Email Marketing: 22 Simple but Powerful Ways for Reaching Your Ideal Audience” and “Grow Your Email List Fast: 13 Strategies to Rapidly Build Your List for 2023 and Beyond.” These resources empower readers to harness the potential of email marketing through effective list segmentation and engaging subscriber interactions.

When he’s not manning Mission Control, Jeff indulges his wanderlust as a passionate traveler, particularly drawn to the allure of the beach and the Caribbean. A foodie at heart, Jeff wields a plant-based cooking certification and passionately champions the farm-to-table movement. And an art enthusiast, his collection of Miami-based artist Kre8’s vibrant masterpieces reflects Jeff’s appreciation for vibrant creativity.

At the heart of three8DIGITAL is Jeff’s kaleidoscope of experiences. And though the company is just taking off, Jeff’s robust knowledge, relentless passion, and pioneering approach make him an invaluable co-pilot. Partner with Jeff and let three8DIGITAL’s unmatched blend of strategy, creativity, and execution elevate your organization’s online presence.